Brookings Harbor Oregon


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Upcoming Events
10.25.14 | PAWS AT THE BEACH
Join a group of pet lovers on October 25 & 26th for our 2nd annual PAWS - Pet And Writing Seminar. This unique, fun and informal event will be held ... view event

10.26.14 | ZOMBIE 4K RUN
Promote Our Pool Foundation is hosting this 10:00am run. You can enter as a human, a zombie or as a walker; teams of three are welcome. Humans have ... view event

Featured Destination
Chetco Point Park
The Southern Oregon, Northern California coast strikes visitors as so beautiful and untouched, they sometimes conclude that the area has somehow escaped history. That conclusion is a real part of the appeal which draws visitors and new residents to the area. This locality, however, has played its part in the violent events of a larger world. [ more ]
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