Brookings Harbor Oregon


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Upcoming Events
September 6 Gold Beach Brew and Art Fest Enjoy some of the best Coastal weather of the year and spend a weekend of fun in Gold Beach, Oregon tastin... view event

09.12.14 - 09.14.2014 | 68TH ANNUAL CRANBERRY FESTIVAL
Join us for a fun-filled weekend of activities and events! Our traditional festival promises entertainment for the whole family. This year's theme is... view event

Featured Destination
Chetco Point Park
Just a fifteen minute drive north east of Brookings lies one of the most beautiful areas in Oregon. It runs beside the Chetco River which rises inland and flows fifty leisurely miles down to the Pacific and the Port of Brookings Harbor. The gateway to this natural jewel is Loeb State Park. Loeb sits on the bank of the Chetco River nestled in a Myrtlewood forest. A gorgeous eight mile drive will carry you from Brookings to the Myrtlewood grove. [ more ]
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