CHETCO POINT PARK Do you like unexpected treasures? Would you like them to be stunning? Brookings offers the spectacular gem you will always remember. Chetco Point Park is one of the most beautiful locations in Oregon, on the west coast . . . . in the world! Chetco...


CRISSEY FIELD STATE PARK Crissey Field State park offers a sandy ocean beach for a peaceful stroll, a run with your dog, surfing and fishing. The picturesque Winchuck River can be accessed via the nature walking trails or the beach access. Native plants, wetlands,...


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LONE RANCH BEACH Lone Ranch Beach is located 4 and a half miles north of Brookings. Once there, you will take in the collection of sea stack jutting from an ocean whose color changes from hour to hour as the sun, clouds and lighting varies. This part of the Oregon...


LOEB PARK Just a fifteen minute drive north east of Brookings lies one of the most beautiful areas in Oregon. It runs beside the Chetco River which rises inland and flows fifty leisurely miles down to the Pacific and the Port of Brookings Harbor. The gateway to this...


CHETCO RIVER Adventures include fishing for Salmon and steelhead; camping, exploring, picnicking, hiking and swimming along the crystal clear Chetco River and into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Here are a few of the great areas to explore in the unspoiled beauty of the...


MT. EMILY BOMB SITE The Southern Oregon, Northern California coast strikes visitors as so beautiful and untouched, they sometimes conclude that the area has somehow escaped history. That conclusion is a real part of the appeal which draws visitors and new residents to...


McVAY ROCK RECREATION SITE We get so much pleasure from discovering hidden treasures, it is an easy prediction that McVay Rock State Recreation Site will delight you and be one of the best memories of your visit to Brookings. A Hidden Treasure McVay is a well-hidden...


SALMON RUN GOLF COURSE Salmon Run Golf Course is a golf retreat unlike any other in the Pacific Northwest. Located in beautiful Brookings Harbor and set in a maturely wooded area, this course is accented by panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Golf Digest...


WHALESHEAD BEACH Whaleshead Beach is one of the most gorgeous locations along the Oregon Coast. Offshore there is a sea stack that looks like the head of a Whale. The sea stack is cut with a rock channel and when a wave hits it, it spurts a spray that actually looks...

About Brookings~Harbor Oregon

As a visitor, you will soon discover that the Brookings/Harbor area is a treasure of nature’s beauty. It is a pleasure for those of us that live in these beautiful surroundings to share some of the area’s wonders with you. Please enjoy.

The Place Itself

Brookings and Harbor are located in Curry County, snuggled in Oregon’s southwest corner. Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by California and on the east by the magnificent Siskiyou Mountains, it is one of the most pristine and rugged; one of the most inviting and picturesque places in the American Northwest. Approximately ninety miles long and forty miles wide, every footstep of the length of this westernmost spot in the contiguous United States touches spectacular coastline, craggy headlands, rocky outcroppings and smooth, sandy beaches. Looking inland from the ocean you take in a rugged and mountainous interior sweeping eastward.

One of the first locations in “The New World” to be explored by Europeans, this area remains, 450 years later, a perpetually renewable feast. If you are a fisher, boater or water sprite drawn to the Pacific; a back packer, hiker or biker looking for a botanical paradise inland or simply a nature lover who wants to experience all the nuances offered by land and sea, you have chosen well. Beach combing, tide pooling, crabbing, clamming, camping, hunting, canoeing, picture taking, picnicking, animal looking and bird watching can absorb your vacation or your life.

Curry County boasts plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Brookings is ringed with areas set aside to protect species in their native habitat. There are numerous flora and fauna whose disturbance and collection are either forbidden or reserved to scientific study. Admire that starfish or darlingtonia plant and collect its photograph. Then leave it to complete its journey.

Everything in Good Time

Don’t worry too much about the right time of year to come. The weather in Brookings may be predictably unpredictable, but it is always satisfactory. Summer days are usually cool, and soft ocean breezes puff away the morning fog. Temperatures range in high sixties and low seventies, yielding occasionally to a toasty-hot day. Temperatures range higher inland. Winter weather can father interesting storms that heighten beach comber anticipations of fresh treasures. There is the occasional really strong wind. Residents who have lived here for years might recall frost and snow infrequently dusting the beach, but Brookings better deserves its title “The Banana Belt” because it is often the warmest place in the state in winter. The bottom line is that Brookings’ weather is never bad . . . just sometimes dramatic.

Who Lives Here?

Ready to provide you with the pleasures of civilization are people who possess a cooperative spirit and community infrastructure that lend themselves to accomplishment in a variety of occupations, avocations and lifestyles. The Port of Brookings, with its Coast Guard installation, is one of the safest and most well appointed harbors on the coast for commercial and sport fishing. Eating and sleeping accommodations abound amidst large and small businesses offering the amenities equaling those found in much larger towns possessing much less charm and ambience.

Come On In

Welcome to Brookings and Harbor, Oregon. May your stay be memorable.


by Kent Russell

To those who live in Oregon,
Along the southern coast,
They have so much to be thankful for
Please forgive them if they boast.

This little piece of paradise,
Is blessed in so many ways,
One just can’t name them all,
But each deserves your praise.

The mercurial changing coast line,
The watching for the whales,
The arrival of the pelicans
Diving in ocean swells.

Where salmon charge up stream,
To mate, to spawn and die.
Where the cycle begins again,
With schools of returning fry.

Where festoons of changing colors dance
As the flora starts to bloom.
Wild life proudly struts…
Just showing off its plume.

We have a pristine setting,
In this Eden by the sea
The greater Chetco area
Is the home for you and me.

Can anyone give a reason?
Or ask the question why
I should ever leave this place,
Even when I die!

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